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"A few adjectives come to mind when I think of Haley. Smart. Effective. Creative. Motivated. Entreprenurial. Social. Intensely interested and equally interesting." 
"Haley brought a refreshing new perspective to our team."
"To break into this industry, I walked away from a comfortable salary and a great job for a $6/hr internship at a PR agency.
Nearly 14 years later I'm still as passionate and committed"
"Her journalism experience and solid writing skills were tremendous assets."
Ms. Dunbar made us feel like we were as important to the organization's success as the executive director."
"Being laid off gave me an insider's perspective on communicating with the public during economic turmoil."
"She kept us motivated and on track with individual and departmental goals."
"She embraces the dedication it takes to generate solid creative concepts, develop them, see them through to delivery, chase the results and, finally, learn from the process."
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