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As an employee...


I met Haley in 2005, serving as her Marketing Manager for three years. It's often not the best situation to "inherit" team members but, in Haley's case, not so. Haley was not only valuable to my team but quickly became vital to its success. A few adjectives come to mind when I think of Haley. Smart. Effective. Creative. Motivated. Entrepreneurial. Social. Intensely interested and equally interesting. She is quite friendly with the media but firm when necessary. She embraces the dedication it takes to generate solid creative concepts, develop them, see them through to delivery, chase the results and, finally, learn from the process. We've gone separate ways in our careers but I consider Haley a friend now and, sometimes, a mentor. She also happens to be one of the funniest people I know. Simply put, Haley makes a difference, wherever she is.


-Annie Lundahl

Former Marketing Manager

Brasstech, Inc. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


As a colleague...


I met Haley in July 2007 when she joined the Marketing/Communications team at E-Z-GO. We worked together on a number of projects. For example, she was a key participant in the development and implementation of an internal countdown for the launch a new golf car.     Haley brought a refreshing new perspective to our team at E-Z-GO. She quickly learned the nuances of the golf car and utility vehicle markets and was eager to share her expertise.   Her journalism experience and solid writing skills were tremendous assets. She wrote for the web site, the employee portal and the company newsletter. She was at ease working with senior management and hourly associates. All of those abilities would serve her well in any organization.     She is energetic, enthusiastic and would be a valuable addition to your team.


-Ron Skenes

Former Internal Communications Manager

E-Z-GO ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

As a manager...


Ms. Dunbar (Mitchell) was my manager for two years at the Carolina Children's Home and I was honored to be a part of her team. She made sure we had the resources we needed to effectively do our jobs and she kept us motivated and on track with individual and departmental goals. Ms. Dunbar made us feel like we were as important to the organization's success as the executive director. She was easy to talk to and always open to suggestions from staff members. We knew she cared about our well-being outside of work and she always encouraged us to have work-life balance.   Whenever we encountered "opportunities for improvement", as she often referred to problems, Ms. Dunbar would remind us that "you can eat an elephant if you do it one bite at a time."  She was organized, energetic and has a great sense of humor.   In the seven years since I worked for her, I've yet to have a boss that's as engaging, creative or focused. Ms. Dunbar is the best manager I've ever had the pleasure of working for.  


-Yolanda Hiller

Former Therapeutic Counselor

   Carolina Children's Home

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